July 27, 2011
The countdown begins.

As my time here in Europe draws to an end, I’ve been thinking a bit about what I will miss when I go back to Tech, as well as what I want to do as soon as I get back. Following Kasandra’s example, I’ll make a list.

Things I will miss about Europe/France:

  • Coffee - the cups here may be smaller, but the coffee is delicious and strong. Even the coffee from the machines kicks ass.
  • Yogurt selection
  • The million offbrands of nutella
  • My lab group here, who has taken very good care of me. <3 
  • The ease of travel
  • Pain au chocolat!
  • Being able to get goat cheese on my sub
  • Joan’s dancing
  • Belgian waffles
  • Amazing chocolate
  • Beautiful cathedrals and historic sites everywhere you go
  • Cheap, CHEAP student food
  • Playing the “dumb American” card
  • Having native speakers to practice French with
  • Wine so cheap it’s practically free
  • Those little Dany desserts that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else but in the Resto U’s
  • Delicious, delicious German sausages and schnitzel
  • Not being judged for mixing mayo and ketchup. Kasandra and Tim revoked my American card for this.

Things that I want when I get back home:

  • Being spoiled by my family, at least for the first week
  • Go to a restaurant and get free refill after free refill, just because I can
  • My mom’s cooking. Caldo gizado, tacos de cabeza, caldo de pollo. I want it all.
  • A huge, huge hug from my Psi U’s <3 
  • A PB&J sandwich
  • A real hot dog. Hot dogs do not come in baguettes, I’m sorry France.
  • An internet connection that doesn’t fail horribly
  • A big, fluffy pillow. Make that two or three.
  • A proper shower that I can stay in for as long as I please without having to worry about water
  • To cuddle my dog. ;_;
  • Potato chips of a flavor appealing to my American palette. I’m sorry France, but I don’t want roasted chicken or Bolognaise potato chips. ಠ_ಠ
  • A huge bucket of salty, buttery popcorn

One more week until I’m back home. :) I cleaned my fume hood, but I made sure to take a picture of the most important things.

    My homage to Joan and his girlfriend.

    The most deperssing TLC. I take no blame for this, that’s Joan’s handwriting.