June 29, 2011
A rollercoaster kind of day

Today was filled with ups and downs and nothing in between. I’m exhausted.

I went to the football tournament today, which was held in Campus Illkirch, where Kasandra works. I was told that something like 21 teams participated, and last I checked, my lab was doing pretty well in the rankings! I cheered on my lab members for the first two games before playing one. Mathieu treated me to a beer before the game (which I was unable to finish and I felt bad), so I was nice and… full when it started.

The actual games didn’t last very long at all, 20 minutes at the most. It was going pretty well until I got a face full of ball towards the end.  Fabien didn’t mean to kick the ball into my face, of course, but I keep teasing him about his “hate” towards me. The impact gave me a pretty bad headache, so I headed home early to buy some ibuprofen and get ready for dinner at Catherine’s house.

Except, I never did get to buy my ibuprofen, as I noticed that my debit card was missing when I got back to my apartment.

That’s right, folks. I lost my debit card today. Not a traveler’s worst nightmare (which is loss of a passport), but pretty high up there. After lots of panic and anger, I finally got the guts to call up my dad. We were at a loss as to what to do, since I had no cash whatsoever on me and he couldn’t get a new debit card for me. Thankfully, I remembered that the bank sent an extra replacement (to replace my replacement? I’m not really sure why they sent me two debit cards…) from the first time I lost my card. It’s difficult to explain, I know.

Anyways, I asked him to try activating that card, and it worked. The card in question should be on its way to me right now. Here’s to hoping Global Express shipping doesn’t fail me! Activating this new card means my “lost” card doesn’t work anymore.

To tide me over until my new debit card arrives, dad wired me some money, which I need to pick up tomorrow. He’s seriously a lifesaver. I don’t know how I’d cope without him.

After getting that fiasco taken care of, I finally relaxed and took a nice nap before heading over to Catherine’s lab for our ride to her house.

Dinner was quite fun. Catherine filled us up with booze and plenty of food. There was lots of laughing and jokes to be had, especially with one guy in particular. I believe Tim said his name was Claymont? He was incredibly funny, and I now have to make the phrase “Eat my fuck” part of my everyday parlance.

So much food and drink!

The barbeque reminded me of something I wanted to mention before I forget. French hotdogs. I’m a huge fan of merguez sausage, as it’s spicy and full of flavor. No complaints there. I’m also becoming a huge fan of true Dijon mustard, the kind that feels like you’re getting a swift kick to the mouth and nose. Awesome.

But really, a hollowed out baguette as a bun? Not a fan!

I was first exposed to this at the Basel train station, where I walked up to a take-away stand and asked for a hot dog. The lady then proceeded to take a baguette, stick a piece of metal through it to make it hollow, and squeeze the sausage in.

My American eyes were shocked.

I miss you, hot dog buns.

It just doesn’t feel right.