June 10, 2011
2nd day in Barcelona!

Today, I fell even more in love with Barcelona. Not even the pouring rain could keep me from enjoying the city, although it did its best to try.

We started out with a little bit of Gaudi and toured the Sagrada Familia. This basilica has been under construction since 1882, and is expected to be finished by 2026. I know little to nothing about architecture and was blown away, so I’m sure that anyone who knows even just a little can appreciate this monument. Just when I thought that I had had enough of European cathedrals and couldn’t be impressed anymore, Sagrada Familia comes along and impresses me even with the cranes and ongoing construction. I’ll need to make a post with the pictures I’ve taken, but I haven’t imported any of them yet.

Afterwards, we went to La Boqueria and wandered around, getting lost in a sea of fruits, vegetables, candies, nuts, gelato, and every tasty thing you could think of. It was barely a walk to Las Ramblas from there, and we finally walked those famous streets. As my terribly shitty luck would have it, it started to rain. No, rain isn’t the right word. It POURED. It was quite miserable, and we had to wait something like two hours before it stopped raining. That was not fun. Still, we managed to buy what we came for: jerseys. Yep, I bought two, so now Jairo and I will match. I know, I know, it’s sickening.

We spent a good part of the evening relaxing by the port, watching ships go by and messing with the seagulls. When it was finally time for dinner, I let Tim pick, so of course he led us to an Irish Pub. Okay, so not Spanish food, but I was starving and pretty agreeable to anything.

All was okay, though! Because after dinner, we met up with some of Tim’s friends (who are studying abroad in Barcelona) and went out for tapas! The fact that I was pretty full from dinner meant that I couldn’t eat too much, but it was still very nice. Coupled with a bottle of Cava, it was a nice way to end the day.

We were going to stay out longer and enjoy the Barcelona nightlife, but the metro stops running at 2am, so Tim and I had to catch our train back to the hostel. Thankfully the metro runs nonstop tomorrow night, so hopefully we’ll have a better chance tomorrow.

Tomorrow: the beach!