June 9, 2011
First day in Barcelona!

… And I must say that in my mind, Barcelona kicks Paris’ ass. Tim can go to Strasbourg without me and I will be perfectly fine. Then again, I do have work to do… this fact is the only thing that will make me go back to France, haha.

I’m pretty tired, so there won’t be too many details. Tim and I left the Strasbourg Gare Central at 6:30am this morning and caught a shuttle to the Karlsruhe Airpark. Woo woo, RyanAir. We then flew to Girona, and from there it was a 1hr bus ride to the North Station of Barcelona, and a metro ride to our hostel. it was about 2pm before we actually got here.

We took a free walking tour provided by our hostel around the center of the city, which took up a good few hours. I HAVE to post some of the highlights later, the history behind some of the seemingly insignificant pictures I took is incredible. We then headed in search of some dinner, and I insisted that I must have some paella right then and there. I think it was all the paella places we passed. Tim finally relented (after I said again and again that NO, I would NOT be having vegetarian in Barcelona). I think he enjoyed his Bacalao, though.

Tomorrow we’ll do some wandering around Las Ramblas and hit up some spots for some tapas. Perhaps the beach on Saturday? :)

Love you guys! Gonna crawl into my bed and hope my roommates are considerate when they come in drunk. XD Fat chance, but I can dream, right?